The Horror Honeys: Honey Buzz ~ Cobalt's location confirmed!

Honey Buzz ~ Cobalt's location confirmed!

I'm going to say without an ounce of smugness that I predicted the location for The Walking Dead's spinoff show (some sources are calling it Cobalt...we'll see if that sticks) as soon as they announced the character descriptions. The reason I'm denying myself this mini celebration is that my guess was an ironic one...because I obviously foolishly hoped that AMC would have a little bit more to offer its viewers than the easiest, cheapest most cop out location ever.

Drumroll please.....

It's LA...and not Louisiana LA...

Los Angeles LA

Entertainment Weekly is being all sunshine and positivity about this, but I instantly can't give a fuck. Thanks, AMC. Let the pandering teen drama begin. 

If you're interested in the confirmed cast, you can check it out here:

(Source: EW)