The Horror Honeys: Honey Buzz ~ Another Iron Sky Teaser...Jesus

Honey Buzz ~ Another Iron Sky Teaser...Jesus I was interested in Iron Sky's crowdfunding sequel journey for about 20 minutes, but with this latest teaser, I actually had to stop myself from rolling my eyes straight out of my head.

Previous teasers have depicted Adolf Hitler riding a seig heil-ing T-Rex (I was down for that), as a spot on Sarah Palin rolled her eyes and flipped the bird, and then a shirtless Valdimir Putin busting some traditional Russian dance moves shirtless (I was down for that too). But here's where I draw the line. There's a point where meta and comedy meet, and there's a point where they careen off course and crash headlong into each other leaving a wide crater of destruction.

I'm not religious in the traditional sense by ANY means...but for this teaser, my eye rolls come from a "been there done that" frame of reference... Last November, I worked on a a photoshoot featuring the same subject material. Granted, we didn't have a breakaway IKEA cross, but we definitely had the heavy artillery.

The description for the teaser also contains a few little spoilers from Jesus himself...

Guess what, I'm playing Jesus in the next Iron Sky movie! Jesus Dudeson riding dinosaurs and shooting machine guns, what more could you ask for a movie role... Oh yeah, teaming up with Vladimir Putin, Mark Zuckenberg, Margaret Thatcher etc. to destroy the world. 

Yup, an idea I said yes to right away when they asked me to play a badass Jesus in the next Iron Sky movie. Super excited for this project and wanted to post this teaser here right away so you guys get it first! Hope you enjoy it! -Jukka

Be part of making Iron Sky the Coming Race:

For those interested, below is the photoshoot I did with a good friend who happens to be a super talented photographer in December 2013.... Thankfully, our Jesus was a little less...Nordic.