The Horror Honeys: Hide Your Kabobs! Santa is Coming!

Hide Your Kabobs! Santa is Coming!

A Revenge Honey Second Chance Holiday Review by Linnie

Caesar & Otto's Deadly X-Mas (2012)

Caesar: Ho Ho... LINE!

Happy holidays, you naughty little muffins! And welcome to your first Revenge Honey Holiday Review of the month!

Around this very time last year, I discovered Dave Campfield's Caesar & Otto's Deadly X-mas on Amazon Prime while searching for holiday horror films to review. At that point, I knew nothing about Campfield or his movies, and I definitely didn't know anything about Campfield and Paul Chomicki's characters, Caesar and Otto. Because of that, my review of the film was a little less than kind. In the year since that fateful viewing, not only have I become well-acquainted with the satirical work of Campfield and Chomicki, but the Honeys have come to consider Campfield a great friend. So, in the spirit of the holidays and armed with that weapon known as "context," join me for my second chance review of Deadly X-Mas!

The Story: Half-brothers Caesar and Otto Denovio pick up seasonal jobs as a promotional holiday elf and Santa respectively, despite the fact that Caesar is terrified of Santa Claus. However, a disgruntled fellow Kris Kringle frames the brothers for his crimes when he kicks off a holiday-themed killing spree, and if course, it's up to our brave(ish) duo to save Christmas!

The family resemblance is striking... really. 
Everything that I loved about Deadly X-Mas the first time around is still totally applicable. While far less amused by meta humor now than I was a year ago, the indie horror humor of Dead X-Mas's film inside a film is as relevant today as it was then. Jokes about the over-saturation of found footage, shaky hand-held camera work, and standard horror tropes will crack up any horror fan bored with the standard fare. Campfield's enthusiasm is totally contagious, and Caesar is one of those characters that you will either love, or love to loathe. Either way, you're going to remember him.

The difference this time is I feel like I'm in on the joke. The green screen effects, the exaggerated stage blood: at first glance, it could (and did) lead a viewer to believe that Deadly X-Mas is a half-hearted attempt at a holiday horror film. But in reality, Campfield's film is a brilliant homage to the best and worst of Christmas-themed horror movies. I've always maintained that the best Christmas horror films are made with the knowledge that the sheer concept of a murderous Santa is slightly ridiculous, and Deadly X-Mas takes that a step further by lovingly skewering that which is already silly. The "lovingly" part is why it works so well.

According to Lloyd Kaufman, he's coming for your penis.
If you like your X-mas horror films silly and fun, Caesar & Otto's Deadly X-Mas is a holiday horror film that should be added to your "nice" list of Christmas viewing.

Revenge Honey Rating: 4 Armless Hitchhikers out of 5