The Horror Honeys: Head Honey's Best of 2014

Head Honey's Best of 2014

An Indie Horror Adventure with Kat

I will say it until I'm blue in the face, but indie film is the future of horror. Now, that's to say that films that are coming out of SMALL studios without huge financial backing. I'm not talking about faux indies that are funded by bigger studios but are passed off as indie because they're not as commercial as they could be. An indie film is: a professional film production resulting in a feature length film that is produced mostly or completely outside of the major studio system.

I feel this way about some of the films you happen to love.
I don't know that I could actually make this list into Top List or organize them from most favorite to a lower favorite... so it's all awkward. It also has to be said that I obviously didn't watch EVERY film released this year... so if I've left your favorite out, I either didn't like it, don't remember it (which is also a bad thing), or... I didn't see it... or don't have an interest in seeing it.

Isn't having an opinion FUN?

In NO particular order, these are the films that spoke to me in a personal way this year.  

Starry Eyes - There's something about Starry Eyes that really grabbed me by the spine in 2014. I hated these trite and vacuous characters, I revelled in their death, and I was blown away by Sarah's beautifully unexpected and traumatizing transformation. Check out our review here and our podcast interview with the directors HERE.

The Babadook (Supernatural Honey's review)- There's a lot of debate about whether or not this IS actually a horror film, and like many horror films, how it hits you depends on your personal experience. It might be a female thing, it might not be, but I personally believe that if you have experienced loss or deep depression, that you will be as hollowed out by this film as I was.

WolfCop - Very different from the other films on this list, I feel a surge of patriotic pride to include Canadian-made Wolfcop on my list. By turns hilarious and awkward, Lou Garou became my spirit animal in 2014, and I'm not even ashamed of that fact.

Inner Demons/The Taking of Deborah Logan (Supernatural Honey's review) - I have a thing for possession films, a big thing. I also have a thing for unique ideas and approaches to a genre that has been cursed with a slew of little girls in white nightgowns. Both films take very different approaches and work in their own specific ways. Both are also Found Footage/documentary style, and while I'm not a huge fan of that style, these two films stood out to me. In both films, possession is hidden under very different covers -  drug use, and Alzheimers respectively. Both have their flaws, but are worth checking out.


ABC's of Death 2 - With only a few missteps in their entire alphabet, ABC's of Death 2 was an amazingly well done follow up to the original offering. I adore short films, and ABC's 2 reminded me why. Standout shorts: A, Z, S, X, M

Cheap Thrills - I fell in love with Cheap Thrills VERY early in 2014, a darkly comic look at what the true price of desperation is and how far some people will go when they have nothing left to lose. Nothing is what it seems in this twisted tale.

Check out our podcast interviews with stars Ethan Embry and David Koechner

Big Studio:
Deliver Us From Evil - Once again, my obsession with possession gets the better of me on a continual basis. During the summer, I spazzed long and hard about this film, and I can't stop now. Scott Derrickson seems to share my love of possession films, and his dark film is a perfect example of this. Once again straying from the "little girls in white nightgowns" angle, Deliver Us From Evil sucked me right in and spat me out again. It's the only film with a large theatrical release that got my heart pumping this year. Check out my review HERE and our podcast interview with director Scott Derrickson HERE

Before you ask where my "worst" list is... I actually don't have one, and not because I don't think I shouldn't have one. I'm pretty vocal about my opinions, and as mentioned before, if I don't remember your film, it's probably just as bad as not having seen it. There's nothing worse than a forgettable horror film.