The Horror Honeys: Girl Gamer Trailer of the Week ~ 'Disorder'

Girl Gamer Trailer of the Week ~ 'Disorder'

Coming to Steam on January 13, Swagabite Games' Disorder is a world-switch platforming game that dares to confront an unusual world for a video game: the world of human depression. And it's up to you to lead the protagonist on a journey to self-discovery and the repair of his fractured mind.

The description of Disorder, from Swagabite:
The body is a weak instrument all on its own. That's why the mind must help it along. Gain a mastery of switching between dark and light worlds, balancing patience equally with risk in order to move forward.

From Disorder's gameplay trailer, you can tell that this 2D game lends itself to the fantastic, with dreamlike elements meant to mimic the struggle of a person in the throes of depression. 

Disorder will likely be the kind of puzzle game that appeals to a very specific kind of gamer, namely one who doesn't mind less structured and organized play time. But based on the trailer, and the fact that's it's being released on both PC and Mac, the Honeys will definitely be checking out Disorder on January 13!