The Horror Honeys: Gaming Time Machine: 'Home Alone' for PC!

Gaming Time Machine: 'Home Alone' for PC!

Holiday Gaming Flashback from Revenge Honey Linnie

Game: Home Alone 1
Year: 1991
Developer: Manley Associates, Capstone Software
Platform: PC

A handful of years ago, before I realized my affinity for gaming made it impossible for me to pay attention to much else and took a decade's long break, I would spend hours in front of my computer, or Sega, playing whatever video game my allowance afforded me that week. One of the games I look back on most fondly is Captsone's Home Alone 1 (it would later be followed by a Lost in New York sequel). It may not be fancy by today's standards, and it certainly wasn't complicated, but MAN did I love that game. 

The Gameplay: The PC version of Home Alone was vastly different than the game on NES or Sega. On PC, you played as Kevin and were given five minutes of real time (an hour in the game) to set traps all over the house for Harry and Marv, aka the Wet Bandits. If you were caught, the game was over. If Marv or Harry escaped your traps unscathed, you basically just kept hiding from them ad nauseum but you could never win. It was a frustrating exercise until you FINALLY figured out how to beat it and then... you pouted in your room for an hour because there was really no point in ever playing it again. The re-play value on this one wasn't high unless you got kicks out of trying different traps and combinations, but when I was eight, I couldn't give two flips about that. It's only now that I wish I had the ability to play the game again and see the different ways you could win. 

The Graphics: As you can tell from looking at the screen grabs, or watching the video below, the graphics are wonderfully dated. Take a peek at those bedroom windows. Notice anything? Yup. Same view from all of them. But, if you're a fan of the film, you will also notice that they did a decent job recreating the McCallister's house from the Home Alone films, so good on them for that. The recreations of Kevin, Harry, and Marv? Not so much. And I will remain silent on the issue regarding the size of cartoon Marv's nose, which is unnecessarily large. *cough cough Jewish stereotype cough cough*

Even watching the video below reminds me of 1) how much easier I was to amuse when I was a kid, and 2) a time when I could shut myself in a room and play video games all day without someone telling me I had to do grownup things, like shower. And work. So if you remember playing Home Alone, the PC game, check out the gameplay video below, hop in the gaming time machine, and enjoy being a kid again! Even if it is just for a few minutes.