The Horror Honeys: From the Land of the Original Santa Claus...

From the Land of the Original Santa Claus...

A Hardcover Honey Holiday Horror Review by Jocelyn
Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale (2010)

I don't remember ever hearing or reading anything about places like Finland and Lapland other than them appearing in some fairy tales I read as a child - my general impression was of someplace cold and remote with Nordic-blond inhabitants and wandering reindeer.  The 2010 movie Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale does nothing to dissuade me from this view, but introduced me to a different kind of Santa than the one I am used to seeing.  

The story itself is spare, as one motherless child (shades of Disney), Pietari, and his friend/sidekick Juuso spend their time spying on a large American project site (including some dynamite blasting that is of special interest) nearby Pietari's family reindeer ranch.  Pietari's father, Rauno, keeps warning Pietari to stay in the house, and the movie adequately sets up some ominous possibilities as to what waits for Pietari outside his home.  In the manner of all curious movie children, Pietari sneaks out, and comes across a feral and scrawny bearded stranger whose outfit and eventual sidekicks may prove familiar to those among you who are naughty or nice.  

Based on a series of short films from the same director in which wild Santas are caught, tamed, and outsourced to other world markets, Rare Exports does a great job of re-inventing the Santa Claus origin story.  Although it is rated R, it retains a very 80s PG-13 vibe, and is an original and interesting viewpoint on the legend of Santa Claus and how his history may not be all hot chocolate and ho-ho-hos. 

*Hardcover Honey Note: If you find you enjoy Rare Exports, you might also give Norwegian film Troll Hunter (2010) a try!

Hardcover Honey Rating: 7 snowflakes slicing (out of 10)