The Horror Honeys: Friday Favorites ~ Holiday Horror Gift Ideas!

Friday Favorites ~ Holiday Horror Gift Ideas!

Even if you don't love the glittery madness of the holiday season, one of December's greatest joys comes in buying (or making) the perfect gift for your friends and family. Here at the Honeys, every year we delight in finding a collection of the best horror-themed items out there that you can buy for the creepy gal or ghoulish guy. But remember, if you can't buy a gift, a nice heartfelt non-essential body part wrapped in newspaper will always be cherished by friends or family alike!

Do you have a horror-themed gift that you'll be sending to a loved one this year? Share it with the Honeys on Twitter, using #horrorgifts!

Horror TV Honey Lisa - A locket with a piece of Tom Cruises hair? Priceless.