The Horror Honeys: Friday Favorites ~ Classic Posters!

Friday Favorites ~ Classic Posters!

The art of crafting a memorable horror poster is almost as important as the film itself. From the original Universal Monsters to recent art deco posters for remakes, many horror fans decorate their homes with the classic theatrical artwork from their favorite movies. With decades worth of poster art to choose from, the Honeys decided to pick their absolute favorites to share with you this week! Do you have the same favorite horror poster as a Honey? Let us know on Twitter, using #horrorposters!

Head Honey Kat - Werner Herzog's Nosferatu

Revenge Honey Linnie - The Vampire Lovers

Gamer Honey Kaley - Propaganda poster from Bioshock

Supernatural Honey Suzanne - German poster for Hostel

Horror TV Honey Lisa - I Spit on Your Grave