The Horror Honeys: #Darick will never be...

#Darick will never be...

A Horror TV Honey Fantasy Farewell by Lisa

Yes, yes, yes I know that Rick and Daryl were never REALLY going to hook up, but in my wildest dreams they could have. If people can imagine a world where the Winchester brothers hook up, then I can dream of a world where Rick and Daryl hook up. This crazy idea came to me when Robert Kirkman teased that Daryl Dixon's sexuality was up in the air. The internet threw a fit and started crying foul. Well, all of the homophobes can calm down. Daryl Dixon is straight.

Here's the thing:why does it matter? Why did one comment snowball into a huge issue that had to be addressed by Kirkman and Daryl Dixon himself? Entertainment Weekly spoke with Norman Reedus and asked him the very thing I would ask if given the chance:

I dont know if you watched The Talking Dead last night, but Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman went out of his way to explain that Daryl is straight because of all that hubbub where he mentioned in the letters section of the comics that there had been talk of having the character be gay at one point. Does it amuse and confuse you as to why people are so invested in Daryl Dixons sexual orientation?

[Laughs] Its funny that you brought that up because he caught of a lot of grief for even mentioning anything. Sometimes stories just get blown out of proportion. Whatever they gave me to do, I would happily do it and I dont think it matters one way or another his sexual orientation. Hes an honest, badass dude and he has a lot of heart to him and it doesnt really matter. Its so funny when you meet people and their reaction to this and to that and believe me they go from all the way far left to all the way far right. I didnt really address that when it came out because it doesnt matter. And whatever they give me to do, I would have done. But its kind of funny watching him cover his tracks a bit. A lot of times stories do get blown way out of proportion.

If you caught the episode of Talking Dead where Kirkman addressed the gay rumor, then you also got to hear him explain that there will be a gay character introduced on The Walking Dead when season five returns. Readers of the comic are wondering if this means that the character of Aaron is going to show up, but there is more than one gay character in TWD books; we will just have to wait and see. Wait all the way until February. FEBRUARY!!

Some people have complained that there's already a gay character on the show so, why do we need another? Well, I suppose it's because TWD tries to mirror the world that we live in and I'm pretty sure that there are more than two gay people on this lovely planet of ours.