The Horror Honeys: Convention Interview: Omakase Images

Convention Interview: Omakase Images

A Horror TV Honey Interview by Lisa Fremont

So, I'm walking the sales floor of Reno, Nevada's very first Wizard World Comic Com and what is one of the very first things I lay my eyes on? Supernatural art? Hmm....must investigate.

As I approach the booth, I see that it is full of stuff that I never knew I needed in my life. I NEED ALL OF THE THINGS! So, of course I bossed my way into an interview to find out more about this company.
So, this was the beacon that called to me.

Meet Zeuf and Shane of Omakase Images. Based out of Seattle, Washington, the two artists travel the states selling their awesome goods. Shane has the gift for gab... he brings the people in and chats. Zeuf is the artist.
Zeuf is on the left, Shane is on the right.
How did this business come about?

"It started with just the idea of doing art that I really like and hopefully it would appeal to other people. It's mostly things that I like, which happens to be a lot of nerdy stuff, but I mostly only do art that I have a personal love for. No commissions or anything like that."

How long have you been doing this?

"Well, I quit my full time job about a year ago."

Do you go to a lot of Comic Cons?

"Yeah, we've been doing at least two a month for the last year.

Has that been helping to grow it quite a bit?

"Yeah! It brings the people that are interested in these things right to us. We don't have to seek them out because we're right here with similar tastes."

Is there anything you don't do that people request a lot?

"A lot of people are hoping for Buffy and Sherlock. Eventually Sherlock is definitely coming and somewhere down the line Buffy too."

How did you two meet? 

Shane tells me, "We met through a mutual friend. We're old drinking buddies from back in the day." He then goes on to say, "One of the things that I think is great about his art is the variety of styles. Like all good artists, he borrows and steals from other artists; he can do art nouveau and it looks amazing and then he can do propaganda style and it's totally different but, at a glance, you can tell that he did them. So, he's got his own style, but he can touch on all of these other styles and I think it's amazing."

So, were you raised in a religious house? (I ask because of all of the prayer candles.)

"I was raised Catholic, but the inspiration for the first piece I ever did, the Princess Leia slave one, the idea came to me because I was at an intersection and this lowrider pulled up with a Guadalupe sticker on it. I thought to myself, what would nerds draw? They would have this car with Princess Leia."

At this point in the interview, Castiel comes by offering root beer. No joke. Zeuf's Supernatural art is officially approved by Castiel. A little birdie may have also told me that someone told Mark Sheppard about the Crowley art and maybe, just maybe, he would be totally down with signing some of them. 

Do you hope to grow from this?

"I'm in a really good place. I would love to have a larger following, but it's at a flattering point right now. This is a really cool gig. I go from town to town and meet really cool people who are actually excited about the same thing. Prior to this I was a commercial artist which is a lot like being a puppet with a hand up your ass. This is really just me doing what rocks my world in my life and people feed off of it. I don't want to be's been wonderful and exciting. We had someone come up to the booth and say, "I saw you in Portland! I was hoping you'd be here!" What more could I want? It's great. I would just love to do what I'm doing and keep having success."