The Horror Honeys: A Christmas Day Honey Jam!

A Christmas Day Honey Jam!

Here at Honey HQ, The Nightmare Before Christmas is a beloved Hexmas film for many of the Honeys. Not only is it a dual holiday movie, but it perfectly captures every single emotion that makes the Holiday season what it is: fantasy, childhood dreams, sheer happiness, and just the perfect amount of creepiness. (Because realistically, the whole Santa thing is unbelievably creepy.) One of the most unsettling songs in all of Nightmare is easily "Kidnap the Sandy Claws," (aka Head Honey's favorite song EVER) where a trio of masked demon children discuss the ways they can murder Santa. And how could that song possibly be any more bone-chilling? Of course! Have KoRn sing it! (No backwards "R" for you! That's stupid!) And thus, your Christmas Eve treat from the Horror Honeys is just that catchy little tune.

Happy HorrorDays!