The Horror Honeys: Wisconsin Indie Horror: 'Hole in the Wall'

Wisconsin Indie Horror: 'Hole in the Wall'

A Guest Honey Indie Review by Tonjia Atomic

I recently had the insane pleasure of watching the horror anthology Hole in the Wall. This anthology was made by Wisconsin directors Derrick Cary, Cory Udler, Kevin Sommerfield,Rob Michels, Carolyn Baker , Steve Goltz , and Greg Johnson. It also features a fun William Castle-esque intro by underground filmmaker Andrew Shearer.

This film has a variety of tones and styles from the Carolyn Baker’s eerie and artful Siren to the gory and grotesque Scumbag by Rob Michels. Although the segments vary in tone and style, they are all pulled together by a wrap story of a killer and his haunted axe. The wrap around is augmented by Derrick Carey’s disturbingly beautiful segment Our Song is Our Blade in which we learn about the axe’s dark history. Ed Gein D.D.S. adds some dark humor to the mix with the modern day Ed Gein and his obsession with body parts. There’s also the wonderfully bizarre Last Dance by Greg Johnson and the juvenile fun of Glory Hole by Steve Goltz and Kevin Sommerfield.

Hole in the Wall is what independent cinema is supposed to be. It is unique, edgy, and unpredictable. It’s refreshing to see a film like this when even indies are beginning to follow cookie-cutter formulas. This is the only film in a long time that has made me feel the way it felt to rent a film from the cult section of the video store and just get mind-fucked.

I loved this film, and if you are a follower and lover of cult cinema you will too. This is a real showcase of the finest of Wisconsin indie horror. It is a great homage to the state that gave us our grisliest of serial killers.  There are also some stand out performances particularly Judith O’Dea in the role of Augusta Gein.

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