The Horror Honeys: TWO FURY ~ American Horror Story: Freakshow

TWO FURY ~ American Horror Story: Freakshow

Attention Freakshow lovers! This TeeFury battle is JUST perfect for you... 

Twinkle twinkle little star...

The headliners of Elsa Mars' Freakshow, Bette and Dot, have their own secrets, and you can be in on their plans - unless, you have some secret plans of your own? The faded vintage color scheme and a highly detailed sketchy style turn these twisted sisters into a darkly sinister yet perfect addition to your Wednesday wardrobe... #OnWednesdaysWeWearStripes

"Headliners" by JunKi and "A Good Clown" by jkilpatrick

Poor Twisty, did his story tug at your heart strings? Perhaps his face should be on your chest instead. Bright, classic circus colors and retro styling turn the face of terror in this season's show into the clown he'd always imagined himself to be. How can you say no to that smiling face? 

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