The Horror Honeys: The British: Creepy as Hell & Always One Step Ahead...

The British: Creepy as Hell & Always One Step Ahead...

A Revenge Honey Top Five List by Linnie

When it comes to British comedy, I believe it's often a "love it" or "hate it" prospect. You will rarely come upon a person that says, "Oh, Monty Python? I can take them or leave them." Personally, I am firmly in the LOVE IT camp, with an extra dose of jazz hands for emphasis. One of my favorite things about comedy from the United Kingdom is that it is often peppered with a hefty dose of horror, which just makes it that much more deliciously twisted.

My first introduction to this combination was, like most, the good fellows of Monty Python. But it was in my formative years that I discovered the glorious horror that was The League of Gentlemen. In the years since, I always look out for whatever weirdness the UK might have to offer, but today, I shall share with you my five favorite comedy/horror television shows of English origin. I've also included clips and information on where you can find each show! So happy watching, locals...

5) Garth Marenghi's Darkplace (1 season, 2004)

Garth Marenghi's Darkplace is one of those shows that you're either going to appreciate, and lose your mind over, or find utterly annoying, and turn off. And you will know which of those it will be within five minutes of starting the first episode. Darkplace is intentionally filmed as if it's a low budget, supernatural hospital drama from the late 70s, which happens to be one of my favorite genres ever. Additionally, each episode is introduced by its creator, "Garth Marenghi. Author. Dreamweaver. Visionary. Plus actor." And once you enter his darkplace, you will never be the same...

Available on: Hulu Plus

4) The League of Gentlemen (3 seasons, 1999-2002)

The only reason The League of Gentlemen isn't higher on the list is because I have already pushed it on you goofballs a few times before. Additionally, the third season isn't nearly as strong as its stellar first two or its Christmas special, which are perfection and hold up with repeated viewings. But this brilliant show, which chronicles the less-than-wholesome lives of the town of Royston Vasey as portrayed entirely by Mark Gatiss, Steve Pemberton, and Reece Shearsmith, is the gold standard of British comedy/horror television.

Available on: Netflix, Hulu Plus

Dr. Terrible's House of Horrible (1 season, 2001)

I am a HUGE Steve Coogan fan, and have been for some time. But combine the brilliant dry humor of Coogan with the glorious camp of Hammer studios? We have magic, people! While Dr. Terrible only ran one season, it was one perfect season of Hammer-inspired madcap nonsense. My favorite episode is Lesbian Vampires Lovers of Lust, but they're all something special. If you aren't in love by the time you meet Captain Tobias Slater, Witch Locator in Scream Satan Scream!,... I can't help you.

Available on: Hulu Plus, Amazon Instant Video

Look Around You (2 seasons, 2002-2005)

Look Around You doesn't remotely present as anything horror-related, and that is what makes it so deliciously deceiving. I first discovered this show during its very brief run on Adult Swim several years ago and bought the DVDs by the third episode. Look Around You, which stars and was created by Peter Serafinowicz (a man who will be recognizable to any Shaun of the Dead fan), is a fabulous parody of the educational programs we were all subjected to in school, regardless of the continent. Obviously, my favorite episode is Ghosts, but the Music episode is remarkable. Just one word of warning: if you are still in school... don't trust ANYTHING you see on this show.

Available on: currently, DVD only...

Psychoville (2 seasons, 2009-2011)

First and foremost, Psychoville (from the fellows who created The League of Gentlemen) takes the top spot for creating the ONE and ONLY clown in history that I'm not afraid of. But realistically, Psychoville is that strange kind of horror show that somehow manages to get absolutely everything right: it's twisted, it's sick, it's hilarious, it's perverse, and when you least expect it, it's oddly touching. I tried for five years to get my hands on a copy of Psychoville, and that opportunity finally came via Hulu Plus. I can say without hesitation that it was absolutely worth the wait.

Available on: Hulu Plus

Do you have a favorite British horror show that you think I need to see? Let me know on Twitter!