The Horror Honeys: Supernatural: Season 10, Episode 200 ~ Fan Fiction

Supernatural: Season 10, Episode 200 ~ Fan Fiction

A Horror TV Honey Love Letter by Lisa

Dear Supernatural,

You were only supposed to be a five season show and now here we are at nine years, ten seasons, and the 200th episode. Who could have ever guessed? Maybe it's the Samulet, maybe it's the Winchester's brotherly love, maybe it's the undeniable handsomeness of Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki, maybe it's writers who are always the first to poke fun at themselves. You know what it is? It's all of the above and a whole lot more. The writers of Supernatural always seem to know exactly what it is that the fans want and they always manage to deliver it without being cloying.
As Sam walks out of room #200 to see Dean taking care of his baby, I could feel the energy of all the Supernatural fans watching at the same time and it was, simply, gleeful. When Dean and Sam walk in to see "Bobby" practicing the correct way to say idjit while "Dean" calls someone an asshat was perfection. I don't think it's possible for Sam and Dean to have had a better reaction than the one that they had. I mean come on, how many times did everyone rewind the moment that Dean broke the fourth wall and looked straight at the camera?

Oh Dean, normally I would agree with you that "there's no singing in Supernatural", but this was a fine, fine exception. I think even Andrew Floyd Webber would agree with me; especially if a cover of Carry On Wayward Son is included at the end. Also, don't get yourself too worked up over the subtext between "Sam" and "Dean" standing so close to one another because Destiel is right over there. 

Wait. Maybe it should be Deastiel or CasDean or Samstiel. Poor Sam, left out of the Castiel slash fiction, but at least you're the brave, selfless brother who can do no wrong. You are the one who tried to tell the girls who you two really were and then willingly went along with being accused of being too old. As always, Dean's pop culture brain saved the day by admitting that both of these Agent Smiths are, indeed, X-Files type FBI. Always the studious type Sam, you are the one who discovers that it's Calliope that we're fighting. 

Thank you, Calliope, for ensuring that the show must go on! And girl, I feel you; no space, robots or tentacles, please. I will take stories about two brothers who consistently go to hell and back, sell their souls to demons, bargain to get those souls back, die multiple times and manage to drive cross country in an extremely quick fashion via a classic car, but space? Bitch, please. 

This episode conquered the dreaded musical episode that now seems to be a requirement on long running shows without making me want to hide my eyes. Using the setting of a school play to do the Supernatural musical episode was genius. If Deanmon taught us anything, it's that Dean does not have a particularly spectacular singing voice. Keeping Sam and Dean on the outside of the musical also allowed for some especially insightful and hilarious in jokes. In one episode, the writers managed to poke fun at every single Supernaturalism that has occurred in the past ten years, acknowledge the most popular fan faction stories, take the piss out of Mr. Ackles and Mr. Padalecki, manage to make numerous Broadway references, still deliver a battle between the boys and an other-worldly baddie AND bring Chuck back for a very well timed cameo.

Supernatural, what can't you do? Very few shows can claim to still be going strong in their tenth year and you really drove that point home with this episode. "Fan Fiction" was an episode that was well worth the wait and simply a delight to watch. I will definitely be keeping this one on the DVR so I can watch it over and over and over and over...