The Horror Honeys: Sleepy Hollow: Season 2, Episode 7 ~ Heartless

Sleepy Hollow: Season 2, Episode 7 ~ Heartless

A Horror TV Honey Episode Recap by Lisa

So, what is it going to be this week Sleepyheads? An ogre, maybe a cursed mummy or a giant, predatory vampire bat? Nope. A succubus. I love a succubus because it flips the notion that women in love are easy targets and makes men the victims of desire. Although, as is always the case on Sleepy Hollow, the writers do not leave anyone out and one of our victims was a lady. Isn't it just delightfully refreshing to live in a world where everyone is treated equally? I love you, Sleepy Hollow.

When did Ichabod get a television? He must really, truly love Katrina to watch a reality dating show with her. Much like Katrina, I also love the television of reality, but would only force my husband to watch as a form of torture. It was a humorous setup for the baddie of the week, though. A succubus, or rather an Incordata, has no heart and feeds off of other people's desires to feed themselves. This Incordata ruled the world. That saucy, little tart looked fierce when her true form showed through; red skin, black horns, black stilettos, sexy clothing, and fierce black talons. LOVE.

Is anybody else curious where Henry acquires so many supernatural items? Do you just purchase an Incordata heart on eBay or is this something that is automatically in your basement when you are the Horseman of War? I suppose Moloch could be transmitting all of this knowledge telepathically or something, but doesn't he have lots of other things to be doing while trying to take over the mortal world? Or perhaps Henry just knows everything the same way that his mother seems to just know anything that is pertinent to the situation at hand. Katrina always has a spell handy to help Abbie and Ichabod. Until proven otherwise, I remain suspicious of Katrina and am dubious of any help that she lends.

Hawley, on the other hand, he can lend help anytime that handsome, scruffy beard and perfectly tousled hair wants to. Imagine my surprise last night during the live tweet when Sleepyheads were asking for the death of Katrina and Hawley in equal measure. I enjoy Hawley because Ichabod needs a thorn in his side; the banter between these two never fails to amuse. Seeing Hawley look at Abbie with genuine adoration really humanized him and it was really lovely for Ichabod to be immediately protective of her, while also offering to be friendlier with Hawley if that is what she desires. Ichabod Crane is the best friend a girl could ever hope for. As suggested by the "pizza for one" box that Abbie was eating dinner out of, she is uninterested in the myriad complications that a relationship would bring, a lesson that Ichabod and Katrina are currently struggling through. It's a valid question: how do partners grow with one another across centuries, learn of lies by omission and fight their evil son together without a few speed bumps?

Katrina and Ichabod are betting on the namby pamby notion that somewhere deep inside of the Sin Eater is the true and good soul of their son Henry. Every week this seems more and more of a stretch and Katrina's maternal pull seems to be under quite a challenge after seeing her baby Moloch. Katrina seems to be in a position where she could be easily swayed either way. The amount of information that she has kept from Ichabod makes it easy to believe that she would join forces with her sons. Ichabod is having doubts towards Katrina and the only person whom he 100% trusts is Abbie. There are a lot of alliance balls up in the air and there is no telling where they will all land; this could all go very wrong very quickly.

It's really nice to see Ichabod and Katrina being a "normal" couple and not just being blindly, stupidly in love. Ichabod knows that Katrina may be playing on his affections in the same manner that she is playing on Abraham's. Consider me very excited and intrigued by ultimately learning Katrina's true allegiance.

Shoutout to wardrobe: thank you ever so much for dressing Miss Abbie is clothes that are actually conducive to the work that she does. She always looks good, but she's always wearing clothes that allow one to chase down Supernatural creatures. Thank you, thank you, thank you for not making her endure high heels, restrictive clothing and impeccable hair and makeup.