The Horror Honeys: Sleepy Hollow: Season 2, Episode 9 ~ Mama

Sleepy Hollow: Season 2, Episode 9 ~ Mama

A Horror TV Honey Episode Recap by Lisa

Much like the Guillermo del Toro-produced movie of the same name, this week's episode dealt with a supernatural entity that wants only to protect her two daughters. Much has been made of Abbie and Miss Jenny's mother and the level of her craziness. Was she legitimately delusional or was she all alone in a world trying to protect her children from demons that only she could see? I don't know that it was much of a surprise to find out that it was the latter, despite some of Jenny's childhood memories.

So, what brought Mama Mills to Sleepy Hollow? She was trying to defeat an angel of mercy. In an effort to focus on the girls, Ichabod was put to sleep by some extra special Matzo Ball soup courtesy of Hawley. While it was a joy to see Abbie and Miss Jenny work together, it felt so familiar and it took me a minute to pinpoint why. Hmmm... two siblings with a shady, supernatural family history join together to fight an angel of mercy. Where, oh where, have I seen this story before? That's right: it's been on in a male form for 9 years already. In fact, last season brought us an angel of mercy episode. This was mildly irritating because this second season of Sleepy Hollow has been a bit all over the map with how many things they're trying to stuff into the story. It's A LOT. It would have been nice if this had just been a stand alone episode with the sisters and Hawley. Instead, there were a few moments with Henry, Katrina and Moloch thrown in for good measure.

As Henry makes a big scene about still being angry over his childhood, Katrina picks up baby Moloch and he's strangely adorable in his demon form. Katrina's apprehension towards children does seem to indicate a woman who wasn't meant for motherhood: too bad she wasn't born in modern times where she would have had the choice not to bring two children into the world that are, literally, monsters.

Always the dutiful mother, Katrina concocts a poison in an effort to kill baby Moloch only to discover that the baby is now a young boy. A creepy young boy. Seriously, that kid saying, "I'm hungry mother," was the scariest moment of this episode. So, is Moloch growing at a rate that will allow for him to be an adult by the midseason finale? It's looking that way. Well, at least Captain Irving is finally out of Terrytown and just in time to join everyone and fight Henry and Moloch in an epic battle that will, undoubtedly, leave us all hanging at the end of that dreaded midseason finale.

Well, the Scooby gang is all together, all of the baddies are in place, we've been reminded of how the Mills' family history is intertwined with Katrina, the girls have the family spell book and Ichabod still has a glorious mane of hair. Yup. Looks as though everything is in order. While eagerly looking forward to the upcoming episodes, I do hope that Sleepy Hollow veers back to what made it so very special in its first season and loses some of the Supernatural sheen that it has been acquiring recently.