The Horror Honeys: Sleepy Hollow: 'Deliverance'

Sleepy Hollow: 'Deliverance'

A Horror TV Honey Recap by Lisa

Sleepyheads seem to be a bit divided on their feelings towards Katrina: will you be pleased or heartbroken if she doesn't survive the poisoned spider residing within her? It was very smart of them to open the episode reminding us of just how much Ichabod loved Katrina before he found out about all of the things that she has kept from him. He will always love her, but will he think too long in a life saving moment? We shall see.

Yes, Ichabod, it should be titled American Idolatry.

180 years and two constitutional amendments for Miss Abbie to have the right to vote. Are you listening America? This was a moment of social commentary on television that I did not mind for one second.

While not attached to Katrina, no one deserves to suffer that David Lynch fever dream, wake up with a poisoned spider, be accosted by their evil son, and have their headless, estranged fiancee try to rescue them from the Sin Eater's henchmen. To make things even worse, the poor girl wakes up in the hospital with kidney stone-like pains. Seriously, have you ever had a kidney stone? It looks a lot like this.

So, basically, Henry had his mother impregnated: anyone else a little skeeved out by this? Always the good parents, Katrina and Ichabod dig deep and use the faith that they have in their son and hope to use this to conquer this... vampire baby? I have no problem admitting that I read the Twilight series and let's all be real: this pregnancy is advancing in the exact same way. This is Sleepy Hollow, though, so the expected offspring is a much more interesting entity: Moloch. Henry has impregnated his own mother with a demon king. What the what?! Henry Parish is the ultimate case of a child scorned who refuses to forgive or forget all the ways he feels slighted by his parents. It's sadly understandable and infuriating at the same time.

Swoon, swoon, swoon over Ichabod explaining what a radio is to Katrina. It was the strangest and most lovely homage to the "I will find you!" moment in The Last of the Mohicans. The love between Ichabod and Katrina is intoxicating to the point that it really is believable that they may be able to appeal to the shred of decency that is left somewhere deep inside of Henry.

This episode really brought the action and suspense and it was really great to see Abbie kicking ass and taking names. That final scene in the church was full of so many emotions. Abbie holding Katrina's hands through labor just like they had years ago in a previous existence, Ichabod putting his newly learned CPR skills to use (thank you Mr. Hawley), and his absolute joy and relief over seeing Katrina take a breath. Every week Sleepy Hollow delivers the goods despite the fact that they are consistently expecting you to be able to understand and accept every crazy new storyline, angle and magical item they throw at you. In less capable hands, the fact that Henry already has another nefarious plot up his sleeve would be irritating, but in Sleepy Hollow, it's just another reason to be excited for next week.