The Horror Honeys: Sci-Friday Jam - 'Many Moons'

Sci-Friday Jam - 'Many Moons'

We march all around til' the sun goes down night children
Broken dreams, no sunshine, endless crimes, 
We long for freedom (for freedom)
You're free but in your mind, your freedom's in a bind

Say what you will about other pop artists and their theatricality, but when it comes to the kind of alien-inspired sci-fi music that made David Bowie so spectacular, Janelle Monae is the current reigning cyborg princess of fusion psychedelic soul. Each of her albums has carried on running themes inspired by, among others, The Matrix and Fritz Lang's Metropolis. Her most recent album, The Electric Lady, is thematically a prequel to her first release, and features some of my favorite of her songs. But for my money, the catchiest and most interesting track is Many Moons, which is tonight's Honey Jam! So suit up in some shiny space gear and get your psychedelic sci-fi jam on! ~RH