The Horror Honeys: Saturday Morning Horror Cartoon - 'Hell's Bells'

Saturday Morning Horror Cartoon - 'Hell's Bells'

Nothing says "this is for children" like a spine cello.

There are two explanations for the cartoons that came out of Disney before 1950: 1) the people at Disney actually hated children or 2) society wasn't as concerned with coddling children back then and thought they should learn about how terrifying life was right out of the womb. Some combination of the two probably explains this week's Saturday Morning Creepy Cartoon, Hell's Bells (1929).

I'd tell you the plot of this Disney short, but it's essentially just the wacky high jinks of the underworld. You know, dancing and pitchforking and whatnot. Toss in some terrifying creatures and a three-headed demon dog, and you've got every small child's idea of a great time at the movies! Provided that child was raised by The Addams Family... or a Horror Honey. Personally, my version of hell would include a lot more old people and the same Michael McDonald song on perpetual repeat, but apparently the Disney folks just pictured dancing and spiders.

Enjoy you Saturday Morning Creepy Cartoon and remember not to turn your back on your kids at Disney World... I think this is where they send lost children.