The Horror Honeys: Revenge Wednesday Jam ~ 'The Empty Threats of Little Lord'

Revenge Wednesday Jam ~ 'The Empty Threats of Little Lord'

If I ever hurt you
It will be in self defense
Podiums as high as the gallows are low
Swing low, swing low, swing low
You are a beast and I am serving up your supper

I'll be honest, I really have almost no idea what this song is about. For the most part, I rarely know what is going on when I listen to any album from Canadian art-rock band Sunset Rubdown... I just know I like it and it's usually really fucking awesome. Their albums are steeped in mythology and even when I don't know what's going on, it's still more interesting than half the crap that is playing on the radio in America at any given time. Pretty much any of Sunset Rubdown's songs could have qualified for a Honey Jam, but I picked The Empty Threats of Little Lord because of its deep, dark, terrifying, wtf-ness. So enjoy and check out more from this fantastically strange band! ~RH