The Horror Honeys: Horror Swag ~ #SWEATERFEST

Horror Swag ~ #SWEATERFEST

With the winter season approaching, the sainted holiday tradition of "ugly sweaters" has reached some epic hipster-ish proportions - I'm serious, I think I've been invited to four 'ugly sweater' parties this year... ALREADY.

However,'s Sweaterfest, is here to save you from scrounging through the local consignment or thrift store, for some retro shame. #Sweaterfest is a curated collection of 8 geek and pop culture inspired ugly winter sweaters.

This year, the BEST one is also horror themed, and designer Steven Anderson has the most kickass creation of all: 

John Carpenters 'The Thing' is one of my favourite films and the snowy remote setting seemed perfect as the basis for an Ugly Sweater. And hey - if you're going to be the warmest place to hide… you might as well look good…

[Holding TNT in one hand, and a lit flare in the other] Anybody touches me, and we go.