The Horror Honeys: Horror Merch ~ TWOFURY ~ Duelling zombies!

Horror Merch ~ TWOFURY ~ Duelling zombies!

Tee Fury's art battles are going to be the literal death of me. There are millions of shirt designs out there that pay tribute to zombie culture, but none of them are as cool as these ones. Two powerhouse zombie killing ladies are featured in today's t-shirt battle. One unlikely heroine, and one confirmed badass. Can you decide on your favorite?

Ellie by idriu95

"To the edge of the universe and back. Endure and survive."
Being in the zombie apocalypse is tough enough, but having to be a teenage girl in the middle of the apocalypse? No thanks. This awesome graphic novel style artwork is both badass and oddly poignant, and features our young hero, and her companion, Joel. Will you endure and survive?  

Theatre de la Resurrection by ZombieDollars

It's so hard to be impartial bout these designs when I immediately gravitate to one in particular. My own personal superhero is Michonne, and my weakness for Art Nouveau design is well documented...I know what I'll be wearing to my next Walker Stalker convention...

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