The Horror Honeys: Honey "WHAT THE HELL" Buzz ~ Trailer for 'Robot Overlords'

Honey "WHAT THE HELL" Buzz ~ Trailer for 'Robot Overlords'

Every so often, a new trailer is released that gets you excited for the future of cinema. The movie looks so full of promise and invention, that you can't help but glow with the possibilities. And kids, Robot Overlords is NOT that movie. In fact, throughout the trailer's 1:56 minute running, I was pretty much making this face the whole time:

Join me, will you, for the trailer for a film that should by all accounts air on SyFy, but is instead hiding behind the credentials of two famous stars that apparently owed down payments on their summer homes...

First off, Robot Overlords stars Sir Ben Kingsley and Gillian Anderson. I don't think you could find bigger Gillian Anderson fans anywhere that you can at the Horror Honeys, but Gilly, baby, COME ON! This isn't War of the Worlds. The robot aliens in this movie look like they were based off of Dollar Store knock-off Transformers. If this movie had a CGI budget, it obviously blew it all on the robot mothership, which just looks like a blown-up version of the Hellraiser puzzle box. Gillian, Ben... you deserve better than this. It hurts me right in the feels that don't believe that. BELIEVE IT, ACTORS! BELIEEEVE IT!

Further, teenage gangs roaming the streets, robot sentries keeping everyone in line, merciless snipers... So basically what we have here is frigging Red Dawn, but with robot aliens instead of Soviet invaders. The ONLY plus side I can see in any of this is that the film hasn't found a North American distributor yet, which means Robot Overlords only has a UK release date and no foreseeable release stateside (sorry UK readers, but you got the Monty Python reunion shows, so it evens out).

Watch the trailer for Robot Overlords below... And if you don't roll your eyes at least once, please let me know.