The Horror Honeys: Honey Buzz ~ Will we get Negan in Season 5 of TWD?

Honey Buzz ~ Will we get Negan in Season 5 of TWD?

Nuke the Fridge is shitting it's pants about being the first to report that there could be some truth to the TWD fandom clamour for graphic novel favorite badass, Negan, to make an appearance. 

For those of you unfamiliar with the books, Negan is an asshole who Carol would punch in the face with a shovel. He appears in the comic book series and serves as the main antagonist for Rick’s community. Negan is the leader of a group of men at a settlement based out of an abandoned factory (‘Sanctuary’). Most of the women in the group, including some of the men’s former girlfriends/wives, are kept as sex slaves at Sanctuary. I think Michonne needs some new pets...don't you?

Kevin Durand (The Strain, X-Men Origins) dropped some knowledge in a conference call and revealed that he’s been approached to play Negan...

"I’ve had a lot of people with The Walking Dead talk to me, mentioned that they see me for a character named “Negan,” but I haven’t read the comic."
Durand as Negan? Could work.

Back in April, Wetpaint discussed a potential list of actor who would make "the perfect Negan" and they seemed to have a type. I'd personally love to see Durand in the role (he's also on Wetpaint's list) but they have some other intriguing names to be considered including Henry Rollins (who played an excellently awful villain on Sons of Anarchy), John Hamm (I'd watch him read a cookbook), and Bruce Campbell (but now that Evil Dead the TV series is on its way, that might be a long shot, plus, I don't see it in him). Fan choices have been a bit more varied, but the ones that stand out are Javier Bardem, James Purefoy, Josh Holloway, Vinnie Jones, Joe Manganiello, and Liev Schreiber. 

What do YOU think?? As we come to the mid-season finale, the chances of some teasers and hints are always possible, will Negan show up this season, or will we have to wait until Season 6? Dun dun dunnn!