The Horror Honeys: Honey Buzz ~ Teaser for Lovecraftian Horror Comic, "Nameless"

Honey Buzz ~ Teaser for Lovecraftian Horror Comic, "Nameless"

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Today in the Twitterverse, there was retweet on my feed talking about 'Nameless', an upcoming 6 issue mini series from Grant Morrison, who is known for writing many of DC's iconic heros in comics such as JLA, Batman Incorporated, and All-Star Superman

So this teaser image released this week by Image Comics heralds Grant Morrison's first foray into Horror comics.

As we can see from the artwork, we are looking at a trio of Cosmonauts with glowing occult symbols on their suits. This raises some questions already about the origin of these figures- Are they human? Are they Aliens? Is the Illuminati involved in this? WHO KNOWS! (...Well save for Grant Morrison since he actually is an Occultist)

The artist who is working with Morrison is Chris Burnham, who had worked with Grant Morrison on the Batman Incorporated series, as well as independant comic series such as Hack/Slash, Elephantmen, and Fear Agent. Burnham had some interesting comments regarding the creation and design of the characters:

I’ll spend a lot of time on or the dark subthreads of Reddit, just following just horrible references. Like, “Hey, what does that look like?”
~Chris Burnham via Herocomplex

UGH.  As someone who illustrates horror comics, I understand the late night trekking through the digital abyss and unable to unsee a lot of images there. Nonetheless, I am very intrigued and I look forward to reading more about Nameless when we get a release date sometime over the coming months. 

So what do you folks think: Interested in this Cosmic Horror title? Too much Lovecraft (or not enough?) Give us a comment on Twitter @HorrorHoneys with the hashtag #ComicsHoney.

Grant Morrison

Chris Burnham

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(Source: EW, Herocomplex)