The Horror Honeys: Honey Buzz ~ Phantom of the Opera, Returning as a Miniseries?

Honey Buzz ~ Phantom of the Opera, Returning as a Miniseries?

Beating Universal to the punch on its classic monster reboots, Deadline is reporting that the classic French tale of The Phantom Of The Opera is getting a re-imagining as a TV series project written by Tony Krantz, directed by French director Jean-Pierre Jeunet (Amelie).

From an original display of Lon Chaney's makeup and acting skills in 1925, to being popularized for the modern audience by Andrew Lloyd Webber's epic 90s musical, a weird 90s TV movie with Charles Dance as The Phantom (!), and then ruined by the 2004 film version (I'm sorry, Gerard Butler, I really am, it wasn't all you) The Phantom of the Opera's newest reimagining will reportedly keep the Paris setting of the book but shift the time period from the 19th century to the early 20th century. 
You're the reason I hate this movie.
You and your moist mouth.

Described as "a drama brimming with tortured love affairs, sex, murder and mystery among the international jet set at the dawn of the Jazz Age," this new look at The Phantom Of The Opera will be set in the suddenly popular again time frame of 1919 against a backdrop of the Paris Peace Conference.
The story centers on a British World War I fighter pilot with burns covering half of his body. He finds himself at the center of a string of murders that threatens to embroil the city’s gathered world leaders. The “Opera” in this re-imagining is an opera house that is home to the hottest nightclub in Paris whose American Josephine Baker-esque headliner finds herself in the cross hairs of the serial killer.

So, we're a little bit Cabaret, a little bit Great Gatsby, a little bit Chicago, and a LOT of awesome. I'm a little disappointed that this new take on a genre classic is taking a miniseries form, but with Jeunet directing... consider me sold because it's going to be beautiful.