The Horror Honeys: Honey Buzz ~ Ooooh! Rob Zombie! You're in Troooouble!

Honey Buzz ~ Ooooh! Rob Zombie! You're in Troooouble!

Now that Rob Zombie has announced his film was successfully crowd-funded by fans, the premise obviously had to come next. And what an original premise it is! On Halloween night, a bunch of clowns kidnap people and make them run for their lives in a twisted amusement park called MURDER WORLD! Original right? So original!


Except, no. It's not. And depending on how pissy Marvel/Disney is feeling over the next few days, RZ could be on the receiving end of a giant-ass lawsuit.

As the folks at Cinema Blend were kind enough to point out, Marvel villain Arcade was a big fan of kidnapping superheroes... and trapping them... in an amusement-park themed pinball machine known as... Murder World. So either Rob Zombie has just become Tarantino-level good at stealing and doesn't even know he's doing it anymore or he didn't bother to research this story before he wrote the script and then he's just a wiener.

Either way, we're going to have a lot of fun seeing how this plays out, huh kiddies?