The Horror Honeys: Honey Buzz ~ New US Trailer for "The Woman in Black 2"

Honey Buzz ~ New US Trailer for "The Woman in Black 2"

A few weeks ago, The Woman in Black (the remake, not the original) made it to Netflix, and my husband decided he wanted to watch it. He has never EVER been more tense, jumpy or stressed out during a horror film and it was truly a pleasure to watch him squirm his way through it. Considering that the 2012 film was the highest grossing British film on record (seriously), it's no surprise that a sequel is almost ready for release. 

The Woman In Black 2: Angel Of Death, picks up 40 years after Arthur Kipp's death. Set during World War II, during the bombardment. For those not familiar with military history, when the Nazi's were bombing the UK, the British government decided that evacuating all of the children from urban areas and sending them to be fostered in the countryside far away from anything Hitler would have been interested in. For the most part, it worked fairly well. In The Woman in Black 2, the government has seized the eerie Eel Marsh House and a group of evacuated children arrives to awaken its scary tenant. This era made a great setting for The Lion The Witch and the Wardrobe, but I highly doubt that there will be a happy ending for these young evacuees.

What's in the trailer? Creepy hands, things crawling out of holes in the ceilings, some nice atmosphere set up and a few predictable jump scares. Plus, what the hell is up with creepy children's toys...will there ever be a time when they're not inherently heebie-jeebie inducing? EVER? 

Originally scheduled for the end of January, The Woman in Black 2 has been moved up, and will be releasing in the UK on January 1, and the US market on January 2.