The Horror Honeys: Honey Buzz ~ 'Leatherface' is Going to Be... French?

Honey Buzz ~ 'Leatherface' is Going to Be... French?

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre prequel officially has its directors and they are about as surprising as the plot-line. According to Bloody Disgusting, French directors Julien Maury and Alexandre Bustillo have officially signed on to direct Leatherface and that means you can officially color me intrigued...

Maury and Bustillo are best known for directing vampire film Livide, and of course, the absolutely horrifying, gory pregnancy horror Inside, which scared the shit out of mothers/anyone who wants kids and scared every other woman off ever getting pregnant. With any luck, this means we can expect a Leatherface that is decidedly French: dark, hyper-realistic, extra-gory, and hopefully, oddly beautiful. Could we actually get a TCM film worthy of the franchise? Here's hoping! But as long as we get a little transvestite Leatherface, I'll be happy.

I feel pretty, oh so pretty!