The Horror Honeys: Honey Buzz ~ Horror TV Adaptations for 2015!

Honey Buzz ~ Horror TV Adaptations for 2015!

It's no secret that in recent years and over several successful seasons, Horror TV is experiencing something of a renaissance, with shows like Supernatural, American Horror Story, Hannibal, and The Walking Dead, you'd be hard pressed to find something to appease your horror appetite on the small screen. For 2015, it looks like the playing field will be flooded even more with some NEW film to TV adaptations, and this one, I just didn't see coming... 

The Devil’s Advocate

This little piece of news caught me by surprise -- NBC is developing an adaptation of one of my favorite films of 1997 (ok I watch it a LOT) The Devil’s Advocate, about a young lawyer who realizes his boss is the Devil in the literal sense. Shameless' John Wells will be producing along with Arnold Kopelson, who worked on the original film. Matt Venne, whose credits include Stephen King’s Bag of Bones and The Exorcism of Molly Hartley, is writing the script.

What I'm expecting it to look like? A Grisham-esque Florida vs New York courtroom drama with some Satan thrown in for good measure. Luxurious parties, edited for TV sex scenes (this isn't SOA after all), and some demon-inflicted death in Central Park. Given how I feel about the film, I could be nervous about this news, but I'm actually choosing to be optimistic for once (don't be scared). The action of the film lends itself well to a TV series, unlike some (I'm looking at you, From Dusk Till Dawn), and also has original source material in Andrew Neiderman's novel.  I'm into this. 

My only point of nervousness? CASTING.

Lawyers are easy to cast, especially a lawyer like Kevin Lomax. Slick, charming, self-assured...they're a dime a dozen in Hollywood. The same goes for Mary Ann's role, a girl next door with small town dreams overwhelmed in a big city lifestyle...easy. Hell, that describes pretty much any waitress in NY/LA.

But the big question is...Who the hell are they going to cast as the Devil himself, John Milton (UGH, I still hate that they used that name)? And, when do we get to meet him...if it were up to me? I'd save him, and his reveal until midseason. 

Good luck, Devil's Advocate...and don't fuck it up. I'll be watching.