The Horror Honeys: Honey Buzz ~ Holiday Horror 'Krampus' Has a Cast!

Honey Buzz ~ Holiday Horror 'Krampus' Has a Cast!

Apparently, Michael Dougherty is becoming the king of holiday horror! In 2007, Dougherty brought us Honey Hexmas favorite, Trick 'r Treat, the sequel to which is currently in the works. But in the meantime, Dougherty is tackling Christmas with Krampus, a film that will do for Santa what... well... what every other holiday horror film does for Santa.

Actress Allison Tolman
Krampus, scheduled for release December 4, 2015, will tell the story of a family plagued by the mythical title creature: a Santa-like entity that really punishes naughty kids. Casting on Krampus has officially begun, with Fargo's Allison Tolman cast as the mother and Chef's Emjay Anthony as the son who are beset upon by the Krampus on Christmas. The film is a horror comedy, with Anthony listed as the lead, as he is the one responsible for saving his family from the demon.

While I am always game for a good holiday horror film, I am a little wary about a child carrying the movie. I smell a horror-Home Alone. BUT Dougherty is a fantastic writer/director and Tolman is quickly becoming one of my new favorite actresses, so file Krampus under "cautiously optimistic."

Actor Emjay Anthony
(Source: THR)