The Horror Honeys: Honey Buzz ~ Grimm Fairy Tales Truly Grim Once Again!

Honey Buzz ~ Grimm Fairy Tales Truly Grim Once Again!

Once upon a time, a group of children decided to play a fun little game. One little boy would pretend to be the butcher, while another little boy would pretend to be the pig. But, as often happens when young boys play, the boy playing the butcher accidentally slit the throat of his little brother. Blind with rage over the loss of her youngest son, their mother stabbed her oldest son in the heart. However, while she was committing her act of vengeance, she left her other child alone in the bath, where he drowned. So depressed over the deaths of her children, the woman saw no answer but to hang herself. When her husband came home later and found her, he was inconsolable. The husband died soon after.

The End.

No, that isn't the plot for a short horror film. That is one of the original Grimm Brothers' Fairytales and thanks to Jack Zipes at Princeton University, you can finally read all 156 stories in their terrifying and twisted glory.

If you've always wondered what a pregnant Rapunzel, a cannibalistic Evil Queen, or blind and toeless Stepsisters would read like, you will now have the chance to find out. Originally written by Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm as morality tales to scare children off... pretty much anything, Wilhelm ended up highly editing certain stories or removing some completely in order to avoid offending middle-class religious types. The changes that were made, in many cases, remained until now, according to an interview in The Guardian with Zipes:

“Remember, this is the period when the French occupied Germany during the Napoleonic wars,” said Zipes. “So, in Briar Rose, better known as Sleeping Beauty, the fairies are changed into wise women. Also, a crab announces to the queen that she will become pregnant, not a frog.”

Zipes believes that the original stories are still suitable bedtime stories, and it's time to stop dumbing down the fairytales for children. The Horror Honeys couldn't agree more!

You can buy Grimm's Fairytales, entirely fucked up as the Brothers intended, here!