The Horror Honeys: Honey Buzz ~ From Hell comes to FX!

Honey Buzz ~ From Hell comes to FX!

MORE TV adaptations, and again, another one that I'm cautiously optimistic about. From Hell is another personal favorite guilty pleasure film about my favorite historical murder mystery (yes, I have those, it's a hazard of the job), Jack the Ripper. It's also an amazing graphic novel (did you know that?), which is what FX swooped in to adapt for it's newest horror tv project. 

It's no secret (because the author of the graphic novel was pretty pissed about it) that From Hell's original story had to be altered in some glaring ways to turn a 600 page graphic novel into a film of watchable length. While the basic premise was retained, the film adaptation drastically changed some characters, expanded others, and totally deleted a few. The graphic novel also makes clear who the killer is from the very beginning, allowing readers to spend some time inside his mind, which is utterly delicious. Suffice to say, there are many aspects of the original story that the film version didn’t even touch, which means that a TV adaptation that remains faithful to the source material (shocking!) could have literally years of storyline to play with.

Returning to the From Hell camp is original producer Don Murphy, who will executive produce. David Arata (the Children of Men screenwriter) will be working up the script. According to Deadline, due to the length of the book, Murphy always saw From Hell as a TV series. 

Considering the real life news of the "actual identity" of Jack the Ripper being revealed (which I actually personally think is a load of bullshit) this adaptation is timely, and Jack the Ripper will always be a matter of societal obsession. FX also knows how to do Horror TV the right way, which is also comforting. Now, pick a pilot director, and some casting, and you can color me intrigued...very intrigued.

The From Hell TV series is in early development, and has no current premiere date.

(Source: Deadline)