The Horror Honeys: Honey Buzz ~ E.L. Katz Directing a New Thriller!

Honey Buzz ~ E.L. Katz Directing a New Thriller!

If you've been keeping up with the Horror Honeys this year, you know that one of our favorite films was E.L. Katz's Cheap Thrills. The dark horror comedy took us all completely by surprise, which is one of the many reasons we loved it. Katz also proved his mettle in 2014 with what was widely considered to be the standout short in ABCs of Death 2, "A is for Amateur." 

Now, it seems Lionsgate and Mandeville Films have signed Katz on for his next project, and it looks like it will be an utterly perfect pairing!

Written by Mark Hammer, You'll Be the Death of Me follows a New York couple as their new romance is complicated by a knife-wielding psychotic. No word yet on a production schedule, but a romantic thriller with a serial killer twist sounds like the perfect follow-up to Cheap Thrills.

We'll keep you updated on any future news regarding this project!

(Source: THR)