The Horror Honeys: Honey Buzz ~ COMICS! Bitch Planet is Coming

Honey Buzz ~ COMICS! Bitch Planet is Coming

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Bitch Planet Upcoming Release

In early 2014, Image Comics made an announcement about Bitch Planet: a Exploitation/Sci-fi comic series penned by fan-favourite writer Kelly Sue Deconnick (Pretty Deadly, Captain Marvel) and illustrated by Valentine De Landro (X-Factor, Shadowman, Marvel Knights).

Bitch Planet is a story about an all-female penal colony in which the prisoners are set up in gladiatorial combat against a visiting team of male prisoners. It’s a riff on the “Women in Prison” subgenre, which has also been described by Image as “Margaret Atwood meets Inglourious Basterds.”

I’d go with “Women in Cages” or “Caged Heat” but hey, I love the idea!

And so has the fans. The reception to the news have been phenomenal and as each preview image has been released, the excitement has been growing. I am totally looking forward to get a copy fresh off the presses when it releases next month. 

The best way to describe my excitement is by Eric Stephenson, publisher at Image comics:
“Kelly Sue pretty much sold me on this with the title. It’s called Bitch Planet—how can you not love that?” 

Very Honey Approved! The first issue of Bitch Planet hits stores on December 10th 2014, so if you've got a friend or relative who is into exploitation films, this would be a great gift idea! 

Or, you know, buy this for yourself- don’t worry, we won’t tell. ;)

So what do you folks think: Excited for Bitch Planet? Do you love/hate exploitation comics? Give us a tweet @HorrorHoneys with the hashtag #ComicsHoney.

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Valentine De Landro