The Horror Honeys: Honey Buzz ~ Casting the Devil in 'The Stand'

Honey Buzz ~ Casting the Devil in 'The Stand'

Back in August, I got off on a rant about the rumor that Warner Bros was making goo-goo eyes at America's favorite good old boy, Matthew McConaughey, to play the iconic "Hardcase" Randall Flagg in the reboot of The immediate no-no feeling just months ago was apparently accurate, as I saw today that it's actually looking like this is going to happen. So, not only are we getting FOUR films, but we'll be getting four films of McConaughey's smugly humble face. I'm not feeling the McConnaissance, at all. For those that are, good for you, but take your smug attitude the fuck away from me. 

Even though I'm annoyed beyond ALL belief, I thought it might be a good idea to explore some other options... just in case. It's not just for the sake of this film that the casting for Flagg is so important - Randall Flagg is everywhere in Stephen King's haunted universe, and if you want a Dark Tower film(s) to be amazing, it all starts here.

Casting is tricky business, especially in the horror world...and especially when casting a film that is based on a much adored and obsessed over book, and will be a re-imagining of a previous miniseries...ok, two attempts at a good miniseries. 

The Stand has been one of my favorite books since I was very young, it was the first Stephen King novel I ever tackled (because it was huge and I wanted to impress my dad) and I've had a thing for "The Walking Dude" ever since.

The Canadian tuxedo and heinous makeup that Flagg sported in the 1994 miniseries are definitely outdated, so it's high time for the Hardcase to get a bit of an edge. I also get that Flagg has to be approachable, attractive, and charming - but under all of that fluff, lurks a terrifying badass. I'd like to be terrified of Flagg on screen like I was while I was reading the book. Is that too much to ask? 

Don't do this again. WTF
What does it take to play a great devil? Style, charisma, swagger, and a certain amount of zero to crazy tossed in for good measure.
Benicio Del Toro - I know I'm not the only one who thinks Benicio is creepy as hell. He has an understated swagger, and a bucketload of cool, collected, charm just barely concealing a really really scary dude - while he may not have the unsettlingly attractive good looks to pull it off, he's definitely unsettling and the man can definitely sell exactly what Flagg is peddling.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan - There's something about JDM that I can't quite put my finger some films, he's devastatingly handsome, charming and downright amazing, and then there are the times that he's like a creepy drunk uncle that makes me want to run far, far, away. A combination of those two personalities, plus a bit of The Comedian thrown in? JDM is quite possibly the perfect Dark Man, plus, he can even bring his own smiley face button.

My inappropriate crush on this man says YES
Viggo Mortensen - He's played a devil before...and a damn good one. Charm, swagger, badassery - Viggo is the ish, and while he *might* be a little too old for this role, he's definitely got what it takes, and the filmography to back it up.

Thomas Jane - Oh, Thomas Jane. This understated badass has already faced down some of Stephen King's creepiest monsters in The Mist, battled super-smart killer sharks in Deep Blue Sea, is seriously overdue for an all out crazy rolePLUS he was a damn good Punisher - I rest my case.

Michael C Hall - As Dexter Morgan, Michael C Hall knows what's up when it comes to playing an anti-hero, which also makes him a great candidate for the ubiquitous Flagg. Charming, reflective, and just a little bit on the sociopathic side, he's practically perfect. Plus, do I need to mention the whole ginger thing? No soul = perfect for the role.

So, help me out Stephen King fans - who is YOUR ideal Randall Flagg? Is this anti-news even annoying to you anymore...please tell me I'm not alone.