The Horror Honeys: Honey Buzz ~ Another Possession Film from 'The Conjuring' Camp

Honey Buzz ~ Another Possession Film from 'The Conjuring' Camp

When it comes to up and coming horror movies, possession and the supernatural are turning into the new 80s slasher. However, unlike the slasher film which, like a McDonalds franchise, has a 'you can't fail unless you're stupid' set of rules and traits to follow, supernatural themed films have very little framework to play off of. Sometimes that's a great thing (The Babadook) sometimes it's a good thing (The Possession), and sometimes it's the recipe for utter failure and awfulness (Annabelle/Oculus/Ouija).

Imagine my surprise that after a huge influx of supernatural horror films in the last two years that the flood seems to continue unabated. When I say surprise, please don't really think I mean surprise... this is inevitability. Film studios and big media are like bulldogs, once they find something that audiences are into, they'll hold on until it suffocates then move on to something else and do the same goddamned thing. Buzzfeed does it all the time... are you tired of their fucking "10 things all people say" lists yet? I fucking am.

Riding the supernatural/possession horror wave, the producer of The Conjuring, Peter Safran, is reteaming with writers Chad and Carey Hayes for a film based on the true story of a priest who was jailed for the murder of a nun after performing an exorcism on her. The title might need some work - Crucifixion - I thought it was another Passion of the Christ type thing. 

Now THAT is torture porn.
Xavier Gens (Hitman) is directing the supernatural thriller, which picks up as an investigative journalist strives to determine if the priest in fact killed a mentally ill person, or lost a battle with a demonic presence. If this sounds a LOT like The Exoricsim of Emily Rose to you, or any of the Annelise Michel based films, it's not much of a stretch.

Stats that will make you cringe:
Lotus Entertainment will shop the project to foreign buyers at the American Film Market, where it should spark keen interest considering the wild success of New Line's The Conjuring which earned more than $318 million globally last year — including $180.6 million internationally.
“Peter and the Hayes brothers have an amazing track record in the genre space. We felt that a smart, edgy thriller like Crucifixion, combined with this amazing creative team, had all the right ingredients to be a global box office hit," said Lotus' Jim Seibel, who is executive producing the project.

Considering I fail to see how this storyline is going to be edgy in any way shape or form, I'm not even halfway as interested as I should be. A little Nunsploitation (which I admittedly love), some clerical fornication, full sclera contacts... is the exorcism covering up rape, abuse, miscarriage, abortion or pregnancy (because that happened quite often back in those cloistered days)? Or are we just following the accepted supernatural film path of believers vs non-believers where those with 'faith' are always depicted as the winners and everyone else is stupid.

This is the way the world ends, not with a bang, but with an avalanche of apathy. 

(Source: THR)