The Horror Honeys: Hardcover Thursday Jam - 'I Can't Let You In'

Hardcover Thursday Jam - 'I Can't Let You In'

Fiyero, don't tell a soul what you've seen
This is the life that you and I are meant to lead
I can't let you in, 'cause the world is falling to pieces
Fiyero, don't tell a soul a word we speak
I need to know, if I don't make it home, you won't look for me

Well before the smash Broadway musical Wicked was a reality, American singer-songwriter Hannah Fury was writing whole albums based on Gregory Maguire's novels about the untold story of Oz. Fury was particularly taken with the story of Elphaba, a not-so-wicked witch/animal rights activist who just got a really bad rap as a result of a society that only wanted to deal with pretty things. (Seriously. Elphaba is kind of my idol too, Hannah.) Of all the songs that Fury wrote about the book, this one is my favorite: a love song for the man who would become The Scarecrow. So enjoy, Hardcover Jammers and keep reading! ~RH

*Note: Hannah Fury has never performed live. Ever. SOMEONE CONVINCE HER!