The Horror Honeys: Girl Gamer Trailer of the Week ~ Bayonetta 2

Girl Gamer Trailer of the Week ~ Bayonetta 2

Every week, it seems a new PS4 game is getting released or teased that makes me wish I could afford to be a multi-game system household. However, I rarely have that reaction when it comes to anything for Wii U. It's one of those systems that I don't actually remember exists until someone reminds me. The lone exception to that rule? Bayonetta 2, which was released exclusively for the Wii U, unlike its predecessor. And how could I not want more Bayonetta? She's a badass Sarah Palin-looking witch who dispatches enemies with her magical hair powers and demon-summoning abilities.

Hell. I'd settle for the magical hair powers.

What is even going on here?!?
When you control Bayonetta in this action hack and slash sequel, you fight various angels and demons using Bay's arsenal of magic attacks. The gameplay is gruesome, fast-paced, and aweeeeesome! The majority of the reviews for Bayonetta 2 have been positive, even though they have acknowledged that it's fairly similar to the original. But why mess with perfection? 

If you've had the chance the chance to play Bayonetta 2, you suck and I hate you. But if you haven't, watch the extended trailer below! ~RH