The Horror Honeys: Girl Gamer Review: The Cave

Girl Gamer Review: The Cave

A Head Honey Gamer Review by Kat

Title: The Cave
Developer: Double Fine Productions
(You might recognize the name from Psychonauts and BrĂ¼tal Legend)
System (s): Steam (Windows, Mac, Linux), Xbox Live Arcade, PlayStation Network, Wii U eShop, iOS devices, and Ouya - I played on PS4

While not *technically* a horror game, The Cave is an adventure/puzzle game with decidedly creepy elements that takes place in a subterranean kingdom with a sassypants attitude (I might be a little in love with The Cave's attitude, just sayin') and an endless amount of real estate to play in. To complete the game, you must assemble a team of three from a group of seven unlikely adventurers, all with their own unique personalities and backstories - now the best part about these backstories and the adventure levels that accompany them, is that they're all a little dark and slightly tragic - The Twins are my favorite, very Edward Gorey in their mannerisms and in their backstory. Levels include a Gothic Mansion (favorite), A Carnival (don't worry, no clowns), A Pyramid (amazing), and a Temple (this level pissed me off, but I'm not super Zen on the best of days, so that's my bad) and many more, and each character has their own specific level that helps to tell their many ways, The Cave is kind of like a purgatory for the they are forced to reenact their unfortunate histories.

Frustration: I fully admit that The Cave is NOT a super intuitive game...some of the puzzles are extremely obscure, and I had to resort to the walkthrough guide on more than one occasion. Le sigh. But, that's not to say that once I figured out what the hell I had to do that it was easy as grabbing a sausage from a vending machine...nooo. 

Shut up, parrot.
The Cave is highly recommended, but be sure that you have a bundle of patience, and at least one redbull, because you won't be able to stop playing. The animation is also entertaining, and a lot of care has been put into the look and feel of the game, as well as the details added to every inch of the setting. Looking for little pieces of awesome hidden in the walls and exploring every inch of the levels took up a lot of my time, so it's a good thing The Cave isn't a race against time-style game because I'd be SO dead. Bonus points for diversity in the ranks of adventurers too. A female scientist? A black female Time Traveler? Love it.