The Horror Honeys: Game Trailer of the Week ~ 'The Long Dark'

Game Trailer of the Week ~ 'The Long Dark'

Would you play a survival game in which you are pretty much just delaying the inevitable, i.e. you gonna die? That's the question to ask yourself before you dive into Hinterland Studio's The Long Dark, which is currently available in non-narrative survival sandbox mode on Steam.

As you can see in the gameplay trailer for The Long Dark below, when you play this game in sandbox mode, all you are trying to do is not die. Literally. You spend the game looking for every scrap you can find to prevent yourself from freezing to death in a post-apocalyptic tundra. And eventually, even after you've done everything you can to stay hydrated and fed and warm, you'll probably just fall off a cliff and die anyway. Realistic? Yes. Entertaining? Perhaps.

Early gameplay reviews are mixed, but since this is the non-narrative version of The Long Dark, there are still improvements and bug fixes in the pike. So check out the trailer below and see if this kind of bleak survival game is up your alley!