The Horror Honeys: Crowdfunding Feature – Slashermania

Crowdfunding Feature – Slashermania

A Comics Honey Feature by Shannon

1983. Troubled teens from New York and Los Angeles are taken to a summer camp facility to be trained as counsellors and mix safely with other people their own age. Little do they know they are being watched by an audience hungry for sex & violence. They are the designated victims for a bizarre contest of murder and mayhem – WELCOME TO SLASHERMANIA!

Slashermania is an original graphic novel, an epic tribute to the best (and worst) slasher movies of the eighties. Written by Russell Hillman, with art by Ron Joseph, Jake Isenberg and Harry Saxon, and letters by Sergio Calvet.

Our next crowdfunding feature is from UK indie publisher, Freaktown Comics, whom I previously reviewed in my GuestHoney days, with their sasquatch slasher, The Dark of the Forest.

If you had read my review, well, I wasn't too impressed with it. It played with the slasher conventions way too straight to be much more than a quick read, so when I saw the press release about this graphic novel, it very intrigued me and I got hold of the prologue comic.

And suffice to say that this project has me more than a little interested...

Comic Preview: 

Your Summer Camp has a masked slasher? ...Ours has TEN.

The concept for Slashermania is about a game show put on for the rich elite, as multiple slashers compete to get the most kills in a short amount of time. The concept is less of Cabin in the Woods and more of a Running Man type of sports entertainment. Including their dapper host, Blade Killington.  

The masked slashers are stars from their own respective countries of United States, Canada, Italy and the United Kingdom as they compete for “Slashie” awards in categories such as Best Male Death, Best Female Death, Coitus Interruptus and Most Creative Kill.
And the deaths...uh, wow.

The example of the kills in the preview are so brutal, and with some of the blackest humor I can only expect from a British writer. The death depicted in the panels, I had reactions between “HAHAHA!” and “Oh MY GOD! AAGH!”

The character designs of the slashers is chock full of horror movie trivia, playing with many tropes of the slasher genre. One of the things I had not expected reading the preview and watching pitch video, was the surprisingly diverse cast of characters in the comic.
No. I'm serious! There is reference to at least FOUR female slasher characters, slashers (and victims) of different ethnicities and even....LGBT characters?!

Okay Freaktown, I had my doubts about you from my previous review, but since reading this comic project with 1) an original take on the slasher genre 2) that is absolutely twisted and hilarious and 3) very impressive art work and diverse character design.
All I have to say is...

In conclusion, Slashermania looks to be a rocking good time of a horror comic, giving you the sex and violence you all love, with an injection of steriods. Everything is bigger, badder and the stakes are higher, so check out the kickstarter campaign and place your bets!

Slashermania is on Kickstarter until November 29, 2014 3:30 PM PST. Check it out in the video link above. If you are curious about the comic, Freaktown has made the preview free for anyone to download, which you can find in the link below.