The Horror Honeys: Will ANYONE but Pepper Survive the Freak Show?

Will ANYONE but Pepper Survive the Freak Show?

When you sign on to a season of American Horror Story, odds are slim you'll survive to the end. But it doesn't actually matter since every new season starts from scratch anyway. However, according to actress Naomi Grossman, aka Pepper, it's looking like Freak Show is going to be especially brutal for Ryan Murphy's cast...

In a recent interview with Collider, Grossman spilled some inside info from the super-secretive set of Freak Show, and things are looking a little dire for the kids of Elsa Mars's sideshow family...

Q: Do you ever tease the other cast members that you’re the only one that’s guaranteed not to die this season?

GROSSMAN: I try not to rub it in but I’ve heard that basically from this point on [they're halfway through shooting Freak Show] we go two by two. There’s pretty much two deaths an episode or so. That’s the rumor. I’m just glad I’m safe. But we’re always wondering who’s next?

Since fan-favorite Pepper began her run on AHS: Asylum, we know she is still alive 12 years in the future, so we are at least guaranteed that she will survive. However, if the characters are going two at a time by the mid-way point, odds are pretty decent that only a few of the cast will be left standing by the end.

Please, please, PLEASE let Twisty go first. Though after tonight's episode... I can't say I'd be sorry if they start dropping off now. 

Who do YOU think will survive the Freak Show?