The Horror Honeys: Walker Stalker Atlanta ~ A Guest Honey recap

Walker Stalker Atlanta ~ A Guest Honey recap

A Guest Honey Convention Recap by Chassity

Last weekend, I had the opportunity to experience something like I’d never experienced before. I got to attend Walker Stalker Convention right here in my home town of Atlanta, Georgia. 
I had never been to any convention of any kind before, and I’ve only recently started watching The Walking Dead, but neither of those things stopped me from being able to appreciate the experience. If anything, it may have even made it that much more interesting and enjoyable for me. 

I did attend with one of the most devoted Walking Dead fans ever (my brother), so I had someone there to explain anything to me that I didn’t understand. 

The first thing I noticed when we arrived, besides the overwhelming crowds, was the amazing costumes. The cool zombie makeup, the homemade shirts with funny phrases related to the show, and my brother even pointed out to me a woman in a Darryl cosplay wearing a weapon like the one he uses on the show. 

And that was when I first started to understand just why the show is so popular and why I was there that day. See, I’m still very much a newbie to the show. It took me a few episodes before I could see anything worth sticking around for. And let me tell you, the shows I generally watch? Well, let’s just say they’re definitely not the shows to generate such a humongous crowd with so much zealous support and enthusiasm for every intricate detail of the show. So I was excited to enjoy the convention from their perspective. 

We immediately joined the crowd for the Bromance Panel with Andrew Lincoln and Norman Reedus. Definitely the most packed event of the entire time I was there. And definitely my favorite part of the entire day. With how somber, dramatic, and eerie I’ve found the show to be so far, (and how popular the Rick and Daryl characters are) it pleasantly surprised me how light hearted the panel was, how funny the actors were, and how down to earth they were. It showed how appreciative they are of the fans, and how they don’t take themselves or their characters too seriously.

And, trust me, it would have been very easy for them to not be so down to earth with the number of questions on the panel that were just women and girls asking the actors for hugs and kisses.

Another highlight of the day was the panel that Chandler Riggs (Carl Grimes) was on. His panel started with a video showing what a badass Carl is (excuse me, Carl Poppa). Most of the questions were from the younger members of the audience, and their questions were adorable. Chandler and Madison Lintz (also on the panel) were very sweet and patient in their answers. And as someone new to the show, I felt like I learned a lot from what Chandler had to say, and his perspective on the show. 

As a writer, I was thrilled to be there on the day Jay Bonansinga spoke. It was great to see so much enthusiasm from him in speaking about The Walking Dead and the writing process itself. He spoke a bit about how to create your world when writing, and it was quite impressive the way he made something that seems so simple but can actually be quite a struggle, seem so simple again. 

As a new fan, nothing made me leave more excited about the show, and more geared up to see even more of it, than the Abraham’s Army panel. Talk about enthusiasm. These guys were speaking not just as actors on the show, but as fans of it and its subject matter. They were hilarious in speaking about their characters, their take on Rick, and the reception of the show as a whole. That was the last thing we did before we left, and it was so enjoyable it made me want to watch more episodes as soon as we got in the car. 

The two things I’m sad I missed were Michael Rooker and Steven Yeun's panels, but there was so much to do and only one day to do it on! Hopefully next year, I'll be able to attend all three days. 

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