The Horror Honeys: TWOFURY ~ King of the Pumpkin Patch vs Halloween Tale

TWOFURY ~ King of the Pumpkin Patch vs Halloween Tale

For today's TeeFury Battle, I'm actually hard pressed to choose a favorite... and the hell could you? Our faithful readers will know that here at Horror Honey HQ, the Pumpkin King and his spooky love have a special place in our frosty hearts, which makes this artwork choice an especially difficult one!

King of the Pumpkin Patch by TrulyEpic should really just be titled "Hail to the King." What we're loving? The intense color scheme, our favorite characters (OK, my favorite characters Lock, Shock, and Barrell) evil pumpkins (no better kind) and that iconic can't sit there and tell me that seeing that gate doesn't give you a tiny seasonal smile. Wouldn't this be the perfect shirt to rock to school or work or the grocery store? I'll take one in each color please.

As someone who grew up camping with various non-denominational organizations and the obligatory family summer camping trips, scary stories around the campfire or right before lights out were my favorite thing ever...and in Halloween Tale by TonyCenteno the Halloween Town gang is getting a scary story from a coveted source, the Pumpkin King himself. The nostalgia is strong with this one...

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