The Horror Honeys: TEEFURY ~ Limited Time Tee ~ "Horror Skull"

TEEFURY ~ Limited Time Tee ~ "Horror Skull"

Where else but in the world of art will you find ALL of the most iconic faces of horror in one place... 

*deep breath*

Not one but THREE iconic incarnations of Dracula, The Gill Man, The Mummy, Fulci's Zombi, Michael Myers, Evil Dead 2's possessed Ash, Jack Torrance, Phantom of the Opera, Jason Voorhees, Brundlefly, Alien, Predator, The Pale Man, Critters, Samara, Norma Bates, The Thing, Carrie White, Frankenstein and his Bride, Reagan, Ghostface, a Droogie, King Kong, Leatherface, Freddy Kreuger, Pinhead, An American Werewolf mid-transformation, Jigsaw, Chucky, The Wolfman, The Cryptkeeper, Hannibal Lecter, Pluto, and Annie Wilkes ALL in the same piece of art.  *PHEW*

That's a LOT of horror in one place, and some beautiful artwork to boot. 

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