The Horror Honeys: TEEFURY ~ "Deep Space Terror" vs "BrundleFly"

TEEFURY ~ "Deep Space Terror" vs "BrundleFly"

Today's TeeFury Battle is a tough one...and a SCI-FI one at that, which might be why I'm having such a hard time choosing a favorite! Two of my sci-fi mainstays are Alien and The Fly...and when you make them Glow-In-The Dark, all of my logic disappears.

If you don't know how in love with the Alien series I am, it's time you sampled our podcast...
Deep Space Terror by Austin James is another shirt design that I'd like to rename, but that's besides the point because this little beauty GLOWS IN THE DARK. Ten year old me is giddy at the prospect of a glow in the dark Alien shirt. We always knew there was a surprise waiting in those awful space face rape surprise. I can't wait to wear this one on a dark winter night...especially during an Alien franchise marathon.  

The only worth opponent of this Alien design? In this case, it's not's Cronenberg's Brundlefly! Another Glow in the Dark design, what better way to show your devotion to strange scientific experiments and questionable motives and morals than with this epic piece of art? You know you want to vomit all over it and make it a part of you...wait...was that awkward?

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