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Star Quality! Star Quality!

A Horror Honeys Hexmas Traditions Review by Linnie

All About Evil (2010)

While you'd think at this point and time in film history, we should be rolling in horror films featuring kick-ass female slashers or serial killers. But the fact is, screenwriters still seem to think that women don't kill, or if they do, it's sexually-based , like in Basic Instinct or Fatal Attraction. So when a film comes along that offers a brand new female serial killer with a fantastic origin story and the potential for cult infamy, you get some hardcore, Horror Honey, happy dancing.

And that brings us to one of my more recent Hexmas traditions: viewing Peaches Christ's All About Evil, starring the luminous Ms. Natasha Lyonne.

The Story: Deb Tennis has grown up watching her father run his beloved movie theater, The Victoria, all while maintaining the dream that she might one day become a star on the big screen. Instead, the introverted Deborah works in a library and spends her days living in fear of her evil stepmother. But when Deb's father dies, she quickly discovers there is only one way to get the old theater back on the map: with her very own special brand of short horror film that features the most convincing murders you'll ever see on screen. Because if there is one thing Deborah Tennis is good at, it's murder!

All About Evil is an absolute buffet of camp horror awesomeness. From the cast to the performances to the murder scenes: if you love John Waters, you will love this movie. Lyonne stars as Deb and has all the giddy madness you'd expect from a woman directing a woman within a movie titled A Tale of Two Severed Titties. I literally cannot imagine another actress playing this part. She is perfection and you will fall in love with the craziness that is Deborah Tennis. Especially if you've ever sympathized with Horror Honey problems.

This is a #horrorhoneyproblem...
And then, the rest of the cast: Cassandra Peterson (but not as Elvira), Mink Stole, Noah Sagan, Thomas Dekker, Jack Donner, Ashley Fink... All About Evil is full of classic exploitation, cult, and camp horror film stars. I especially love seeing Cassandra Peterson playing an everyday reg mom, who looks sideways at posters of Elvira in her son's room. Peaches Christ fills the film with in jokes like that, which any horror fan will adore.

The gore in All About Evil is also exceptional. Every one of Deb's short films isn't just surprisingly well-made for a gory B-horror film: it's hilarious. You can't blame the horror fans of San Francisco for lining up to see these amazing PSA/fright films. They are totally the kind of films you will see in a Horror Honey movie theater one day (it's happening. Just you wait!)

My favorite part of All About Evil is watching Deborah go from mousey librarian to fierce, knife-wielding fierce beyotch. I won't go in to details, because I refuse to ruin the movie for you, but as you can see from the picture above, Deborah doesn't remain a wall-flower for long. All I can say is, buy this movie. Now. Buy it directly from Peaches here and make it a Hexmas tradition of your own. Because once you see this fabulous film, you'll want to watch it all the time!

Revenge Honey Rating: 5 Sets of Murderous Twins out of 5